The Buckley’s Information Guide originated from an idea Lisa Buckley had some 18 years ago.  At the time, she owned a Bed & Breakfast and found it difficult to keep all her brochures not only tidy, but stocked up for her visitors, who would always be looking for information on where to eat, what to do and where to go in the local region.

Lisa decided it would be much easier if all this information was gathered in to a book which could be updated on an annual basis.  That way, guests could sit in the comfort of their motel room, holiday unit, B&B, or cabin and map out what they would like to do each day or where to go over the course of their holiday.

Lisa put together the Bright Eating Out and Activities Guide as an A5 bound copy and then distributed it to other accommodation owners throughout Bright.  It was a hit with these owners for exactly the same reason and a new business was formed.
Lisa then decided to sell the Guide to concentrate on other business ideas.
After a further sale, the business was purchased by Karen Dentry, who expanded it by offering the Guide as two separate books with interchangeable A4 leaves for updating, and hard-wearing black plastic covers.  One book was the Eating Out Guide and the other was the Activities Guide and both books were expanded to cover more of the regional area and to include Wineries and Shops respectively.  The Guides stayed in this format for around 6 years and reached a distribution of around 800 each in the local district.  The books were replaced just prior to Xmas to capitalize on the influx of people into the region for the holiday period.
Some 7 years ago, Lisa and Karen got together and decided they could take the Information Guide even further by forming a partnership.  With Lisa as Sales person and Karen as Admin, the book once again changed its format into an A4 glossy coffee-table type magazine, incorporating the 2 Guides back into one.  Karen & Lisa also decided to expand the book to cover the Alpine Shire, which included Mt Beauty and Myrtleford, as well as distributing into these areas as well.  This has seen an amazing metamorphosis of the original guide from 18 years ago.
The partnership and change of format has been so successful that the Information Guide was licensed into other regions of Victoria.

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